Wild Stone Natural

Our natural collection features a wide variety of pre-fabricated stone panels made from real split-face stone. All colours are available in panel, quoin and project pack


Alpine Blend – 0037

A balanced mixture of pale and deep greys made from split faced real stone


Carbon – 0040

Large sections of real slate provide a striking appearance to large and small structures alike


Celtic Blend – 0041

Real stone panel with a traditional cottage feel in grey hues.


Champagne Quartz – 0036

A warm natural quartz with creams, beiges, yellows and pinks made from split face stone.


Devon Slate – 0039

The Devon Slate real stone panel is mixture of earthy tones and greys hinting at metallic ores


Jurassic Granite – 0103

Made from real granite stone, this style brings warm greys and yellows and an unmistakable texture to your project.


Stacked Carbon – 0043

A distinctive slate finish that crosses the boundary between contemporary and traditional buildings.


All styles and colours available in multiple formats

The entire Natural range is shipped in a variety of formats or configurations to suit the type and scale of project you're working on.

Diagram of a standard sized stone panel

Standard Panels

Available as boxes of standard, long Z shaped panels. This format of panel is typically what you'll use for large, flat areas. Depending on the project, you may only need the standard sized panels requiring no split corners or pre-fabricated quoins at all.

Diagram of pre-fabricated stone quions


Pre-fabricated quoins are corner pieces for external corners. With a little bit of planning ahead, pillars can be sized in order to avoid any cutting at all when it comes to cladding with Wild Stone real stone panels.

A diagram of a project pack of stone panels with short, medium and long sizes

Project Packs

Project packs contain standard panels mixed with short and medium sized flat panels shaped and sized in such a way that you can clad internal and external corners with precision and minimum cutting.

More information about panel shapes and sizes

Depending on your project, either pre-fabricated quoins or split corners will be the most suitable product for you. You can ask for product advice including help calculating quantities from our experienced and knowledgable technical sales team. Just get in touch!

Example Quoin Usage

The pre-fabricated quoins offer a clean ‘wrapped’ look  All of the quoins and panels are unique within the constraints of the panel shape to avoid repetitive patterns. Pictured here, is a quoin from the "Heritage Champagne quartz range".

Example cladding configuration for a pier or a planter made from Wild Stone Natural Real Stone Panel Quoins

Example Quoin

The pre-fabricated quoins are hand-assembled to avoid repetitive patterns. All of the quoins and indeed panels too are unique within the constraints of the panel shape. Pictured here, is a quoin from the "Heritage Carbon range''.

A real, split-faced stone quoin in the "carbon" (Slate) colour from Wild Stone UK

Split Corners

Project packs, contain short and medium length panels that can be used to construct interior and exterior, interlocking corners. Designed to offer a flexible ‘all in one box’ solution suitable for a variety of projects. Pictured here, is a quoin from the "Heritage devon slate'' range.

The small and medium flat panels of real split-faced stone as used to construct cladding for an exterior corner

See Wild Stone Natural in action…

This short video shows how easy and quick the Wild Stone Natural panelling system is to install.