Wild Stone is a complete, high performance system specially designed to face your project with natural stone, engineered stone and brick. Created by industry specialists with a passion for providing high quality, cost effective and innovative alternatives to traditional materials. Guaranteed with a 25yr masonry adhesive system warranty brick/stone/concrete and 15yr steel/wood, contact Wild stone UK for details.

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Wild Stone Natural - Real stone panelling system

Our Natural range has been designed to simplify the use of natural stone for both internal and external applications. The z shaped panels fit seamlessly together and are both fast and easy to install so you can achieve a real stone finish at a fraction of the price.

Wild Stone Natural is cost effective for both product and labour, thereby de-skilling stone masonry, includes L-shaped corner quoins for speedy installation and features low wastage - on average less than 10%.

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Wild Stone - Engineered stone, brick & paving systems

Created by specialists with a passion for providing high quality, cost effective and innovative alternatives to traditional stone — our products are unique in both make up and appearance and offer a finish equal to any traditional application, internal or external.

Lightweight – less than 50kg per m2, fast and easy to install with L shaped corner quoins on all ranges- de-skilling Stone Masonry, jointed or unjointed applications available in a range Real Stone Textures and Colours.

Castelo in use at a modern housing development

Full product support - Over 15 years experience specifying and supplying panelling systems

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Wild Stone Natural

Wild Stone can be applied to Concrete, Concrete block, Brick (concrete or clay) or suitable cement based building board.

See our video of the Wild Stone Natural panelling system being installed on site in North Devon and witness how quick and easily the panels can be laid. All you need is a little bit of practice and some basic equipment.