Wild Stone Mixed

Our Mixed range is a collection of distinctive stone slips that enable real creativity. “Toscana” and “Rustico” mix brick slips with stone slips. You might like the consistent hues but the irregular shapes of “Country”, or prefer a range of tones such as those found in “Alpina”.


Alpina – 770

Inspired by Alpine architecture, Mix Alpina is designed to reflect the mountain environment. A combination of irregularly shaped stones with colors ranging from dark and light grey, earthy browns and light shades of purple.


Colorado – 025

Mix Colorado is a tailored stone that conveys a traditional formality. It is a hand-dressed, chiseled, textured stone rough-hewn into a rectangular ashlar profile.


Country – 775

Mix Country is a blend of regular and irregular shapes that epitomises rustic charm. With rugged surfaces and varying sizes and shapes, Mix Country complements any range of designs from rustic to contemporary. For interior and exterior.


Davos – 781

Mix Davos is inspired by earthy stone colors. It is characterized by very natural and irregular shapes. A versatile application for both exterior and interior.


Grigio – 772

Mix Grigio brings to mind provincial stone types of Europe where the architecture is a reflection of a simpler way of life.


Rustico – 661

Mix Rustico is a textured and layered full-scale ledge stone with long dimensional stones. Split along parallel planes, the stones possess distinctive textures.


Tirol – 776

Inspired by Tyrolean architecture, Mix Tirol is designed to reflect the Alpine mountain environment. Tight-fitted or mortared, Mix Tirol can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments. A combination of horizontally shaped stones with colors ranging from light and dark grey and light shades of purple.


Toscana Crema – 774

Mix Toscana Crema stone veneer is a blend of regular and irregular shapes epitomising rustic Italian charm